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An Open Letter of Thanks

Beth and I would like to thank my long time business associates and our personal friends for their suggestions, insights and words of encouragement.

Recent advancements in technology have afforded independent tax professionals the opportunity to team together and provide wealth planning services, utilizing a business model that places greater emphasis on the unique needs of their tax clients. Without seeking or receiving any endorsements, Beth and I have traveled across the eastern United States to visit with independent tax professionals that represent the pioneers in providing wealth planning services to their tax clients. Our objective has been to design the most client-centric business model possible.

I have personally had the pleasure and privilege of working closely with most of these professionals for more than a decade and would like to thank each of them for taking the time to visit with us. We discussed the priorities that Beth and I should focus on as we develop a truly client-centric wealth planning business model, designed for independent tax professionals. We appreciate their time, suggestions and insights.

Finally, Beth and I would like to give a special thanks to the following independent tax professionals that have provided many years of quality wealth planning service to their tax clients. We would like to recognize their continued unselfish dedication to the wealth planning industry and the concept that independent tax professionals are uniquely positioned to provide the best wealth planning services to their tax clients. Thank you.

 John G. Rudd, CFP                                         Viggo F. Carstensen, EA
        Rudd Advisory Group, Inc.                              New London, NH
        Pinehurst, NC                                                   Tax & Financial Advisor
        Tax & Financial Planning Services

        Richard A. Nixon, EA, ChFC                          E. Keith Richardson, CPA, CFP
        Cumberland Financial Group, Inc.              Keith Richardson Consulting, LLC
        Marietta, GA                                                      Charlotte, NC
        Tax & Financial Planning Services              Tax & Wealth Management Services

        Lloyd E. Painter, CFP, CSA, LTCP, CLTC, CLU, ChFC
        Greenville, KY
        Tax & Financial Planning Services