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As a senior member of the Investment Policy Advisory Board and Head of the Advisory Services Portfolio Management Department for one of the largest broker/dealers for independent tax professionals in the United States, Robin Smith learned first hand about the increasing emphasis on proprietary products, the decrease in personal service and the focus on increasing corporate profit margins at the expense of advisors and their clients.

As President & CEO of CapitalCrest Advisor Network, LLC®, Robin Smith is committed to help others in the wealth planning industry create a new paradigm for independent tax professionals and their clients. Robin is committed to creating a company where its members represent the driving force for change in the industry, not big corporations.

“As a well established independent tax professional, each of our members already understands how to build a financial services practice.”

It is CapitalCrest’s mission to provide them with the tools, support and competitive pricing structure required to service their tax clients effectively and grow their wealth planning business.”

In its effort to accomplish this goal, CapitalCrest is committed to helping the independent tax professional regain his or her independence by:

  • Working with a broker/dealer that offers a truly open architecture.
  • Providing access to a wide variety of non-proprietary investment, insurance and banking services and products.
  • Providing strong, professional support for investment, estate, retirement, education, insurance and income tax planning
  • Maintaining technological superiority in providing the best services and products in the industry, and
  • Maintaining one of the lowest pricing structures in the industry.

As President & CEO of CapitalCrest Advisor Network, LLC®, Robin Smith recognizes that wealth planning is a very competitive business. He recognizes that developing and executing a successful financial plan is a difficult and complex task. He also recognizes that independent tax professionals have more than one business that they are trying to run successfully. As their service provider, CapitalCrest is committed to delivering the tools and support that its independent tax professionals need to succeed.