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The Independent Broker/Dealer

CCAN selected Cambridge Investment Research, Inc (CIR) as its broker/dealer because it is unprecedented in its commitment to remaining an independent fee leader that focuses on flexibility, customized service and superior technology.

CIR is independently owned and operated by its management team and its advisors, remaining in touch with the traditional values that independent firms held before they were acquired by large financial institutions. Its focus is "outside the box" on the unique needs of its advisors and their clients, not on fitting that advisor’s business model into a proverbial "box" to meet a parent company’s priorities. Because CIR doesn’t have any proprietary products of its own, it doesn’t view its advisors as a "distribution channel". It makes policy decisions based on the partnership and a consistent focus on what is good for its advisors and their clients.

CIR has a dedicated practice management team in its Business Development area that is committed to helping advisors grow their business. It is led by a financial planner and investment advisor with almost 30 years of experience. Its focus is on developing a business plan, identifying a market niche, getting referrals, branding the practice and creating efficiency and profitability. Organized avenues of communication have been developed for networking and learning from peers. An advanced Russell Investment Group exclusive business planning and coaching program is available, along with a 6-week in-house training program designed to help advisors with the “business” of running a practice.

CIR has a state-of-the-art computer system and Internet technology that aggregates data from numerous locations and sources into its Cambridge Logistics and Information Center (CLIC). Major features and functionalities seamlessly link into one central data source. These include but are not limited to: commission and fee reporting, passive compliance oversight, client account information, trade entry and automatic form population, Imaging and electronic filing, customizable consolidated performance reporting across all programs and online brokerage account trading.

CIR offers an a la carte pricing structure that is one of the most competitive in the industry. When even more competitive pricing is required to secure or retain the client’s business, both CIR and CCAN fees are lowered along with the advisor’s. CIR also offers participation in its success through programs that allow advisors to benefit from growth in the value of its stock.